Thursday, 25 April 2013

Blessing Of Science

Science: A Blessing or a Curse In the early stages of civilization, man used to be scared of the natural forces like thunder, storm and lightning. He used to worship every object of nature like sky, earth, trees, air, sun and moon and even animals were worshipped. It was because man could not understand the natural phenomena1. He was, dependent on nature. Today, man has increased his knowledge and so has his power. The moon and other objects no longer fills man with fear. The earth has few secrets that are not known to man till date. How this tremendous change has come about? Scientific studies have revolutionized everything. Electricity is one of the many gifts of scientific invention. All one has to do is to press a button and the room gets brightened up, the fans give refreshing air, an air conditioner turns the room into a hill resort. Various kinds of machines are run by electricity: room-heaters, ovens cooking ranges and several other household appliances. Big industrial units and factories which produce countless things of our daily use are run on electricity. Advancement in the field of medical sciences has reduced the rate of mortality. Today, many diseases like cholera, small-pox and even tuberculosis are eas 
The memory of Hiroshima and Nagasaki has not faded. The effects of atom bombs dropped on those areas can Still be seen among the children of those who survived. Long distances can be covered by aero planes, and fast moving trains, cars, buses, trams and scooters have contributed to making man so much more mobile. The world today appears to be sitting on a pile of nuclear weapons. Pollution is taking its toll on our surroundings. It is man's lust for power that leads him to use the scientific technology for committing sins. Electronic machines and computers have made thousands of men jobless and independent on them. Man today is secondary to the machines. Immunity against certain diseases like plague, cholera and small-pox can be ensured with the help of vaccination. Today, we are on the verge of cloning of different species. Science has also made life more interesting and exciting. All this has been possible with the help of communication satellites orbiting our planet. One can send messages to a friend over a distance of thousands of miles. Science technology which has blessed mankind can be a curse also if not used sensibly. Besides making war an extremely deadly issue, science is also responsible for affecting the health of man.


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